Today, my attention got pointed towards GRAMPS, a program that promises to make it easier to keep track of all the different people in your family. If you have ever bothered trying to draw a family tree, you will have noticed that it can become hard to manage once the tree gets filled a bit. I have a grandma who loves to talk about the past and family, so I am one of those people (whether it was willingly or not is a completely different question).

After poking into the program a bit, it does indeed look promising. Adding my closest relatives proved to be very easy and the application helped to keep an overview of it all. I have the feeling I will pass by my grandma one of these days with a laptop and ready to fill in all the names and relations she mentions. Might make it easier for me to realize who she is talking about.

For us lazy Ubuntu users (we rock), just issue:

sudo apt-get install gramps