I am still faithfully running WhatPulse. However, when installing it on a fresh Ubuntu install on my laptop, I encountered that “good old” problem again where WhatPulse starts too soon. That is, after adding WhatPulse to the start up applications, it starts before the notification-area-applet. This is a bit problematic since WhatPulse resides there by default.

In the old days, I used to fix this by adding in this small script that would sleep for 30 seconds before starting up WhatPulse. Instead of adding WhatPulse directly, I would then simply add that script to the start up applications and voila.


sleep 30

The last line there is obviously the way to my WhatPulse executable.

This method worked, or I do not remember an occasion anyway where it did not work. Upon inspection though, it looks a bit hacked together (excusez-moi le mot, it feels odd to call three pretty standard lines a hack). So I rewrote it a bit to be more foolproof.

Here is how I have things set up now:

  • A folder ~/.whatpulse where I extracted the WhatPulse binary
  • A script in that folder wp.sh

    while [ -z `pgrep notification-ar` ]; do
        sleep 5
    # Change the following line so it matches the location of your WhatPulse file

    And that script added to my start up applications.

Note that I look for notification-ar instead of the full name due to it appearing like that in ps -e output.