You know what is so great about open source games? You can so easily tweak them to your liking! When I play SuperTuxKart, I like to play it with a lot of other karts in the race, 19 others to be precise. When I do so, I also tend to do championships since I find them generally more appealing than the other aspects of the race.

However, the ingame ranking tends to only show the first few karts due to the sheer size of each icon. It is a bit annoying to see how you or your competitors are doing if only the first 7 karts out of 20 total show! So I went digging through the source code to find out how to change this to my liking.

Before picture

It is actually very simple (after you found out where it gets changed after going through 10s of other files), but you will need to already be compiling SuperTuxKart from source. The problem is that it is not a configuration option, so you will have to change some things before compiling the game.

Go to wherever you are keeping the source files for your SupertuxKart and go into the trunk/src/states_screen/ folder. Open up the file called race_gui.cpp in your favourite text editor and go to this part of the file.

// Draw players icons and their times (if defined in the current mode).
void RaceGUI::drawGlobalPlayerIcons(const KartIconDisplayInfo* info)
    int x_base = 10;
    int y_base = 20;
    int ICON_WIDTH=(int)(40*(UserConfigParams::m_width/800.0f));
    int ICON_PLAYER_WIDTH=(int)(50*(UserConfigParams::m_width/800.0f));
        ICON_WIDTH        = 27;
        ICON_PLAYER_WIDTH = 35;

If you know some C++, you will probably already have figured out what to do. For those who do not, this is the part of the code where the width and height of the icon get defined. In light of keeping it simple for myself, I simply changed the 40 and the 50 values to something smaller. You can also give absolute values, or play around with it yourself how you please, but this is what I changed them into

int ICON_WIDTH=(int)(20*(UserConfigParams::m_width/800.0f));
int ICON_PLAYER_WIDTH=(int)(25*(UserConfigParams::m_width/800.0f));

After this, save the file and go back to your trunk/ folder. Recompile the game with make and start playing! This is my result:

After picture