I made a post a few weeks back about keeping Supertuxkart up to date. This has, above all, taught me one thing: Do not publish stuff that you only wrote from memory.

So I just now took some time out to try things out myself again, starting from zero. Well, somewhat zero, I already have the correct header files and the likes installed and you will have to forgive me for not tracking those down one by one.

Important to note here is that the irrlicht requirement has gone up, so we will also be making that one from source. The following steps will be done with root access.

  1. Make directory /opt/supertuxkart/ and go in the directory.

    cd /opt/
    mkdir supertuxkart
    cd supertuxkart
  2. Checkout irrlicht’s trunk.

     svn co https://irrlicht.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/irrlicht/trunk irrlicht
  3. Make irrlicht.

     cd irrlicht/source/Irrlicht
  4. Back to /opt/supertuxkart/.

     cd /opt/supertuxkart/
  5. Copy stk’s trunk and go in the directory.

     svn co https://supertuxkart.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/supertuxkart/main/trunk stk
     cd stk
  6. Make stk.

     ./configure --with-irrlicht=/opt/supertuxkart/irrlicht
  7. You can now play supertuxkart with /opt/supertuxkart/stk/src/supertuxkart (be sure to run it as your normal user).

To keep things up to date, just repeat the above steps but instead of checking out you go in the directory and issue svn up.

Feel free to mention libraries, etc that you needed to compile successfully. I will update my post and credit you accordingly.

Non-exhaustive list of libraries:

  • mesa-common-dev (irrlicht)
  • libxxf86vm-dev (irrlicht)
  • autoconf (for autogen)
  • libtool (for autogen)
  • libopenal-dev (for configure)
  • libogg-dev (for configure)
  • libvorbis-dev (for configure)
  • mesa-utils
  • libgl1-mesa-dev
  • libcurl4-openssl-dev