I grew bored of Tumblr, so while being totally not impulsive, I decided to ditch it for Blogger.

What about all the old posts? They will remain available at Tumblr’s default blog page. Sadly enough Tumblr has no obvious way to export things so this new blog will be pretty empty until I find interesting things to write about. You know, assuming that actually happens.

I am guessing this will also totally destroy my Google rank, but if that is a reason you blog then you are a sad little panda anyways.

For now b.wardje.eu does not actually redirect here yet, due to DNS settings taking a while to update. Or I completely goofed up in the settings of course, I guess I will notice that in a few days time.

Update 2011-12-05

Due to some failing in making Google accept that the old b.wardje.eu went to wardje.tumblr.com (“blabla, subdomain is not proper owner”) and because I am still not running this blog myself, but using Blogger instead, it seems that old traffic ends up stuck on these few pages.

Here some links that come to mind. As it turns out, Tumblr has a search feature equivalent to a blind man and a file cabinet.

And for anything else: Archive