Google has been trying to push its +1 button and who can blame them, it only makes sense to try self-promotion whenever possible. (As I found out while checking some info, there are some complainers, but that is not to be avoided I guess) So when Google Reader, one of my favourite parts of Google, updated their look two weeks ago, it was expected that the old Google Reader “Like” button would end up being replaced by Google Plus’ +1.

So far, so good… if it was not broken. More specifically, the incorrect page gets +1’d. When I am reading a comic in Google Reader and end up clicking +1, the page that I want to give my +1 to is, quite obviously,

Instead, the page that ends up appearing in my +1 list is

Sure, that redirects to the page I intended, but it is obviously not what I wanted it to do.

Now, since I do not see a “Send feedback” in Google Reader, I guess I will report it on Google Plus?