Back when I still used Ubuntu, XChat (an IRC client) had a nice working spell checker. You know the kind, wrinkly red lines under every misspelled word. As a non native English speaker an extra check of what you write is always nice, even if you have to still live with your broken grammar. However, in Arch Linux this behaviour was missing. Arch likes to keep things simple and as such the right packages for XChat’s spell checking were not installed by default.

That package was, according to the messages given while installing, called enchant. Sadly enough, installing enchant did not do the trick. You see, as it turns out, enchant relies on four other packages.

pacman -Qi enchant
Depends On     : aspell  dbus-glib  hunspell  hspell

Yet in some weird twist of things making no sense, this also was not enough. To get it working, you still needed to install the correct language package for hunspell. Not an obvious thing to notice when it is not mentioned whatsoever during the process. So issue a quick

pacman -Ss hunspell

and see which package it is that you need. In my case I just needed my English to be checked so I installed hunspell-en, restarted XChat and was done with it. No more Less faulty typing!