To win a Grand Prix in SuperTuxKart, you gather points based on your ending position over a few races. I felt like trying something different, by making your time the most important and the points, in essence, irrelevant.

You can do this easily enough by going to your SuperTuxKart data folder (depends on where you installed it etc, look around in the usual suspects for your operating system). In it, you will find the file stk_config.xml. Open it in your favourite text editor and look for the following three lines.

    <points from="1" to="2" points="3"/>
    <points from="3" to="4" points="2"/>
    <points from="5"        points="1"/>

Change the points="3" (and 2 and 1) to points="0". Save, start SuperTuxKart and play a Grand Prix to see the result.