I am not a big fan of Flash. Linux support is crappy at best and I have never had that great experiences with it on other operating systems either. However, for the time being we’re still stuck with it and I end up using it from time to time as well.

One of those uses is watching videos and if they’re any decent quality I tend to want them full screen on my second screen. Clicking provided buttons works ok, unless if you click anywhere on your main screen. Doing so puts the full screeen flash video back to its regular size. In short: utterly useless.

Luckily there is a quite simple solution. MaximizeFlash is a Chromium/Google Chrome extension that allows you to resize a webpage flash element to fit the Chrome window size, on the same page or in a new tab. From there on, it is a simple matter of pressing F11 to make the window itself go fullscreen. Note that to get back out of fullscreen, you will most likely have to move your mouse to the center upper part of your screen since Flash is a little bastard that does not let your F11 press go through.

Addendum: While I mostly use Firefox, I have grown used to using Chromium for planned Flash usage. Don’t shit where you eat.