I was trying to get R to run in GoldenCheetah. However, it seems the R installed by Homebrew (3.4) is too recent for the current stable GoldenCheetah version (coincidentally, also 3.4). After I had enabled R and filled in the R.home() directory, GoldenCheetah would just crash when trying to start it up.

To fix it, I figured I would just change the R settings in the GoldenCheetah configuration file(s). Googling told me to look in ~/Library/GoldenCheetah on MacOS, but there was no information regarding R there. Instead, the setting turns out to be in ~/.config/goldencheetah.org/GoldenCheetah.ini. I assume this is also relevant for your favourite Linux distribution. In that file, simply make sure the following two values are set as shown. This turns off R and unsets the R directory.