While doing some winter cleaning on my work’s macOS computer, I noticed Spotify’s cache was taking up a whopping 8 gigabytes of data on my drive. That seems a bit excessive for my tastes, especially considering how little I consciously do repeat listens of songs. Now, I know why Spotify wants it to be rather large, it will take some load off of their servers. My computer, my rules though. Luckily there is a way to change the cache size, though it is a little bit hidden.

As detailed by user jjmadison on the Spotify community forums, you just have to do the following.

First ensure Spotify is closed. Next, edit the ~/Library/Application Support/Spotify/prefs file and add the following line.


Where 1024 is the size in megabytes. If the line is already present in the file, change it instead of adding it again. Save the file, open Spotify, and the cache size should shrink to what you set it to.