I have two Matrix channels linked to Freenode IRC channels. This is done through a plumbed bridge. With all the words getting thrown around and the moving networks to Libera, I wanted to disconnect the bridges. It is a simple process, buuuut not very intuitive to find. I had trouble finding it anyway. It is also basically undocumented, probably cause the developers think it is so straightforward.

Using Element on the desktop, I constantly have the user list open on the side. In my mind, the (i) button in the top right is the user list. This made it hard to find the bridging, since the (i) button actually holds more information. With the user list open, I need to press the back button on the top left of the user list. This brings me to a channel About view with links to the user list, some other things, and most importantly something to “Add widgets, bridges & bots”. Clicking that lets you bridge rooms and also remove existing bridges.